Learn to Read Music

Brent Phillips

 Learning to read music is very similar to reading music, except it is like an aesthetically way of developing a relationship with music. For example, appreciating the discipline and beauty of music for an individual; expresses the giving of harmonic choice and freedom in composition. In how to read music, you learn notation and how to sight-read, but learning to read music, you accept responsibilities leading to this.

Here are few tips for learning to read music.

Choosing Music You Like.  

 Aspirations - The decisions you learn about musical choice, a particular instrument suited for your disposition and physical self, the significant others who influence you for a specific device to play, and environmental conditions to practice.

Kind of Music - Do you listen to pop, jazz, or classical music. What composers do you lean towards to pick an instrument?

Practice, Practice, Practice. 

Practice with a metronome. - Always start slow to improve timing with complex passages, until after many times. 

Listen to Recordings. - Play by ear and sight-read Music to recordings. Then, perform in front of friends, so perform for an audience with a lot of practice.

After You learn to read music, then there is a reason for how to read music. It is like a mathematical equation where everything is equal in balancing numbers or chemical equations to obtain different products. With math and music, numbers pertain to scales and chords, as with chemical equations to music, you are performing to get a new way of playing a composition.


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Best Place to Buy Sheet Music

Brent Phillips

The best place to buy sheet music would be in a shopping mall, the local music store, online music shops, and significant outlet stores in bigger cities.  However, when asked to take a survey, no suitable place seems right.

 Local Music Stores.

 The music store of today has changed radically from our forefathers. Then, stores had sheet music only with traditional music, big bands and, ballad songs, along with photographs and player pianos. Folios were shared, which was a collection of songs together in book form.

These are music stores prevalent with a hybrid usage of online presence:

      •  Music stores - This store includes; sheet music of every type (instrument, composer, type, or genre), entire instrument collections to buy or rent, and a staff that teaches. Most prevalent in the US are these types.
      • Independent retailers. - Someone who emphasizes a particular line of instruments like piano, drum, and guitar. They may include their line of sheet music for that instrument with CDs, and vinyl records.
      • School of Music art retailers. - Teachers and staff personnel collaborate to provide more services that schools leave out. They provide professional teachers; with music they compose and sell, sheet music for that instrument, and rental and repairs.

 Online Music Stores

The online music store takes on many shapes and forms, mainly in the hybrid side of delegating their presence on the internet. They are multi-sided where physical products are shipped for online courses, while other musical effects can be subscribed to or have as a donation to download their sheet music. Still, others offer physical sheet music products, which are shipped for free and discounted for more buys.

There are two forms of online sites:

      •  Downloadable sheet music sites. - They offer nothing but music for download by composers who compose for them. However, major sheet music sites have vast databases of music to be seen with PDFs and audio files, which may have a library for physical sheet music.

Free sheet music sites - There are free music sites, which display their sheet music with no price until you click on a piece and listen, then take you to a subscription or donation for their database. The last is a site where everything is free to download and print. 


 Sheet music is so varied that the average shopper, online or off, must be wary of the music they purchase. Therefore, when looking over music companies online and out, the average shopper should consider the best place to decide based on musical knowledge.

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Play Christmas Music

Brent Phillips

Can play Christmas music for only that season is questionable because the Christmas spirit should last throughout the year. Being charitable and giving is natural during Christmas, but the music played at Christmas takes the backseat for the rest of the year.

 Christmas sheet music takes the backseat.

Who wants to hear Jingle bells or Old Saint Nick and seeing Santa in plaid shorts singing Hark the Angels? Unfortunately, most sheet music published about Christmas is popular for pop singers to relish something new for the public to introduce their upcoming CD, so playing Christmas music always fades out.

Christmas Story - The Christmas drama always takes place once a year, featuring shepherds and the three kings around the newborn child with Joseph and Mary. Church performances are early before Christmas eve services and only use the popular hymns to sing in the background or as a chorus. Unfortunately, hymns composers aren't producing melodies that are new for these dramas and services.

Redundancy - Christmas sheet music, when played only once a season, repeatedly with different singers before it, makes Christmas seem a little stale and old fashion. 

Music published and sung should be established in hymnal format about Jesus's birth. Extending it more than one month could decrease redundancy, so inserting newer compositions into church hymnals would reduce the flow of popular hymns traditionally sung at Christmas.


How to Play Christmas Music.

There are many scenarios for presentations of that one hymn for church services. But, unfortunately, the sizes of the choruses and usage of instruments, sing-alongs on screens prevent the change from ever happening. 

The scenarios for change in the church are:

Solo Hymn Singing. - Having a single soloist sing at the beginning of a church service, with the stories of Jesus.

Acapella Choir - Having a choir sing in-between the sermon and recitatives about the healing power of Jesus. Having an entire choir sing in a medieval setting is an example.

Full Choir with Keyboards. An exciting setting would be two choirs with piano or organ at the beginning of a service or a children's choir between a spot in the service.

 Caroling is a traditional way of singing Christmas music to other parts of a village. Change that in church services by an acapella choir or small children choir singing in the aisles. By taking the suggestions above for church hymnal music, we would reduce the repetitious effect of playing Christmas music; during church services.




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