Learn to Read Music

Learn to Read Music

Brent Phillips

 Learning to read music is very similar to reading music, except it is like an aesthetically way of developing a relationship with music. For example, appreciating the discipline and beauty of music for an individual; expresses the giving of harmonic choice and freedom in composition. In how to read music, you learn notation and how to sight-read, but learning to read music, you accept responsibilities leading to this.

Here are few tips for learning to read music.

Choosing Music You Like.  

 Aspirations - The decisions you learn about musical choice, a particular instrument suited for your disposition and physical self, the significant others who influence you for a specific device to play, and environmental conditions to practice.

Kind of Music - Do you listen to pop, jazz, or classical music. What composers do you lean towards to pick an instrument?

Practice, Practice, Practice. 

Practice with a metronome. - Always start slow to improve timing with complex passages, until after many times. 

Listen to Recordings. - Play by ear and sight-read Music to recordings. Then, perform in front of friends, so perform for an audience with a lot of practice.

After You learn to read music, then there is a reason for how to read music. It is like a mathematical equation where everything is equal in balancing numbers or chemical equations to obtain different products. With math and music, numbers pertain to scales and chords, as with chemical equations to music, you are performing to get a new way of playing a composition.


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