Play Christmas Music

Brent Phillips

Can play Christmas music for only that season is questionable because the Christmas spirit should last throughout the year. Being charitable and giving is natural during Christmas, but the music played at Christmas takes the backseat for the rest of the year.

 Christmas sheet music takes the backseat.

Who wants to hear Jingle bells or Old Saint Nick and seeing Santa in plaid shorts singing Hark the Angels? Unfortunately, most sheet music published about Christmas is popular for pop singers to relish something new for the public to introduce their upcoming CD, so playing Christmas music always fades out.

Christmas Story - The Christmas drama always takes place once a year, featuring shepherds and the three kings around the newborn child with Joseph and Mary. Church performances are early before Christmas eve services and only use the popular hymns to sing in the background or as a chorus. Unfortunately, hymns composers aren't producing melodies that are new for these dramas and services.

Redundancy - Christmas sheet music, when played only once a season, repeatedly with different singers before it, makes Christmas seem a little stale and old fashion. 

Music published and sung should be established in hymnal format about Jesus's birth. Extending it more than one month could decrease redundancy, so inserting newer compositions into church hymnals would reduce the flow of popular hymns traditionally sung at Christmas.


How to Play Christmas Music.

There are many scenarios for presentations of that one hymn for church services. But, unfortunately, the sizes of the choruses and usage of instruments, sing-alongs on screens prevent the change from ever happening. 

The scenarios for change in the church are:

Solo Hymn Singing. - Having a single soloist sing at the beginning of a church service, with the stories of Jesus.

Acapella Choir - Having a choir sing in-between the sermon and recitatives about the healing power of Jesus. Having an entire choir sing in a medieval setting is an example.

Full Choir with Keyboards. An exciting setting would be two choirs with piano or organ at the beginning of a service or a children's choir between a spot in the service.

 Caroling is a traditional way of singing Christmas music to other parts of a village. Change that in church services by an acapella choir or small children choir singing in the aisles. By taking the suggestions above for church hymnal music, we would reduce the repetitious effect of playing Christmas music; during church services.




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